What's Going On

Stuart Benbow
Stuart Benbow


Inspired by comments made during a songwriting workshop by Bob Hausler, this song is about the struggle to reach one another as parents and children. Technology is an amazing addition to our lives, but sometimes at a cost.  Remembering how to talk to one another and express our feelings is the foundation of What's Going On.  Enjoy.


Eyes down, tuned out

Real life fades to the background

On line, al the time


Mama's in the corner, pulling hair

Daddy's giving speeches, and ultimatums

Nothing seems to sink in at all

What's going on


Wit's end, they don't understand me

How I'm feeling, all the pressures deep inside

Are slowly building, it's overwhelming


I need an escape a getaway

Forget about the hurt and pain

It seems we've grown worlds apart

What's going on


What's going on

We don't communicate the way we did back then

The thoughts and feelings deep inside are locked away from them

What's going on 

What's going on


Look up, tell how you're feeling

Is there something that I can help you deal with

I'll try to understand, though I'm only human

What's going on

Oh tell me tell me

What's going on