Stuart Benbow

The Sound-

Blending the heart of country music with the rich story telling of folk, and adding a touch of pop to give it some drive, Stuart writes about the world around him.  Raised on music, and taking to instruments at an early age, the acoustic guitar eventually became the primary instrument of choice when crafting or performing songs.


A husband and father of two, a voice over artist and producer by day and a singer-songwriter whenever possible, Stuart was born in Canada, and now lives in the State of Michigan.

Surrounded by many musical friends, music is as much a therapy as it is a calling.  


An avid participant in songwriting challenges throughout the year, including FAWM (February Album Writing Month), 50/90, GYAWS (Get your A$$ Writing Songs), and the Songwriting and Recording Challenge.

A lover of all things wind and water, a past and hopeful future builder of sailboats, and a dreamer of escapes across the water on adventures beyond imaginings.

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