I'm a singer-songwriter based in Southeast Michigan. I approach my music with the belief that words should have meaning, and songs should speak to the listener.  I tend to write acoustic Americana songs that address social issues, life, and affairs of the human heart.  When I'm not writing, performing or recording, I'm pretty down to earth.  Loving family, a couple of dogs, the usual.  You'll find me performing throughout Michigan, the surrounding states, and Ontario from spring through just before Christmas, at events ranging from intimate performance to festivals, to house concerts, and anything in between.

Current News:

With the cold, dreary winter in full effect, my show schedule is paired back a bit.  I use the early 2018 for recording projects, songwriting, booking shows, and general career planning.  That said, I’ve got a few show dates on the calendar, both as a soloist, and with the folks of No Sin In Eden.  On 2/1, February Album Writing Month (FAWM) kicks off.  Rather than writing another ton of songs, I’m going to use this year’s challenge to write and produce music cues for tv, movies, commercials etc.  The occasional song intended for me may still pop up, as I’ve been writing a bit for NSIE, as well.

Recording continues for the NSIE debut EP, and my EP, Love Letters, as well as the much delayed holiday album.  With Christmas come and gone, the goal is to get it competed well in advance of the 2018 holiday season, and a planned release.

No Sin In Eden Logo, a coffee cup ring surrounding an apple tree entwined by a snake.  The letters NSIE appear in orange next to the tree.

Looking Forward:

I'm now booking for the 2018 season and beyond. If you would like me to perform for your venue or event, please contact me at booking@stuartbenbowmusic.com.  I look forward to making your event a success.

Looking Back:

Past performances highlights include, but are not limited to the following events and venues...

Fairs and Festivals:

CLM Fest - Cambridge, Ontario

Milford Concert in the Park - Milford, MI

Scarecrow Festival - Trenton, MI

Appleumpkin Festival - Tecumseh, MI

Bloom Fest - Milan, MI

Michigan State Fair Superstar Competition - Novi, MI

Michigan State Fair Cultural Stage - Novi, MI

Milan Singer-Songwriter Festival - Milan, MI

Fisk Farm Festival - White Lake, MI

Founders Day Festival - Farmington, MI

Concert Venues:

Trinity House Theater - Livonia, MI

Token Lounge - Westland, MI

The Junction - Livonia, MI

Miscellaneous Events:

ConcertWindow.com - Online Concerts

Various Nursing Homes - SE Michigan area

Private House Concerts - SE Michigan and Ontario, Canada 


Bars, Cafe's and Tea Rooms:

Proving Grounds Coffee and Ice Cream - Milford, MI

JP McGuire's - Taylor, MI

Nico & Vali Italian Eatery - Plymouth, MI

Black Crystal Cafe - Ann Arbor

Crazy Wisdom - Ann Arbor, MI

Biddle Blend Cafe - Wyandotte, MI

Tongues Coffee - Wyandotte, MI

Plymouth Coffee Bean - Plymouth, MI

Goldfish Tea - Royal Oak, MI

The Dovetail - Warren, MI

Mentobe Cafe - Farmington, MI

Lighthouse Cafe - Milan, MI

Farmer's Markets:

Artisan and Farmer's Market - Brightmoor, MI

Milan Artisan and Farmer's Market, Milan, MI

Wayne Farmer's Market - Wayne, MI

Westland Farmer's Market - Westland, MI

Warren Farmer's Market - Warren, MI

White Lake Farmer's Market - White Lake, MI

Huron Valley Farmer's Market - Highland, MI

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