I'm a singer-songwriter based in Southeast Michigan. I approach my music with the belief that words should have meaning, and songs should speak to the listener.  I tend to write acoustic Americana songs that address social issues, life, and affairs of the human heart.  When I'm not writing, performing or recording, I'm pretty down to earth.  Loving family, a couple of dogs, the usual.  You'll find me performing throughout Michigan, the surrounding states, and Ontario from spring through just before Christmas, at events ranging from intimate performances to festivals, to house concerts, and anything in between.

Current News:

On Labor Day Weekend, I released my brand new 6 song EP, Tales from the Notepad.  I’ve included an assortment of songs written in the past 18 months that have stood out as crowd favorites, including Enjoy The Ride, There Is Good, Fan’t Help yourself, Not Anymore, That Chair, and So Glad You’re Mine.  The EP has been selling well, as receiving praise from fans.  A digital release will be available in a few weeks, for Those who prefer that to the physical CD format.

2018 is winding down, with only a couple of shows remaining on he calendar.  That’s not to say that kthjng’s happening.  Quite the contrary, I’m in the early stages of something huge.  Like 34’ huge!  My wife and I bought a retired school bus, and have begun turning it into a home away from home.  This bus will be a new touring platform, opening up opportunities to perform across the continent, to Reach out to my Fans who have, historically, been too far away to meet.  When completed, we’ll be able to explore all the wonders of Canada and America, sharing music from coast to coast!

Recent Past:

For the third year in a row, I have finished the Michigan State Fair Superstar competition not only as a Semifinalist, but in the top ten.  Year one through three I placed 6th, 8th, and this year, with the help of Blaise Glander and Devon Benbow, together we finished 7th.  Each year, the competition has become stronger as more and more hard working musicians learn of the contest.  Remaining this close to the front of a group of people Who submitted an application is a point of pride, reflecting how much Imve learned and that the hard work I continue to put in shows on stage.

Looking Back:

Past performances highlights include, but are not limited to the following events and venues...

Fairs and Festivals:

CLM Fest - Cambridge, Ontario

Milford Concert in the Park - Milford, MI

Scarecrow Festival - Trenton, MI

Appleumpkin Festival - Tecumseh, MI

Bloom Fest - Milan, MI

Michigan State Fair Superstar Competition - Novi, MI

Michigan State Fair Cultural Stage - Novi, MI

Milan Singer-Songwriter Festival - Milan, MI

Fisk Farm Festival - White Lake, MI

Founders Day Festival - Farmington, MI

Concert Venues:

Trinity House Theater - Livonia, MI

Token Lounge - Westland, MI

The Junction - Livonia, MI

Miscellaneous Events:

ConcertWindow.com - Online Concerts

Various Nursing Homes - SE Michigan area

Private House Concerts - SE Michigan and Ontario, Canada



Bars, Cafe's and Tea Rooms:

Proving Grounds Coffee and Ice Cream-Milford, MI

JP McGuire's - Taylor, MI

Nico & Vali Italian Eatery - Plymouth, MI

Black Crystal Cafe - Ann Arbor

Crazy Wisdom - Ann Arbor, MI

Biddle Blend Cafe - Wyandotte, MI

Tongues Coffee - Wyandotte, MI

Plymouth Coffee Bean - Plymouth, MI

Goldfish Tea - Royal Oak, MI

The Dovetail - Warren, MI

Mentobe Cafe - Farmington, MI

Lighthouse Cafe - Milan, MI

Farmer's Markets:

Hespeler Village Market - Cambridge, ON Canada

Artisan and Farmer's Market - Brightmoor, MI

Milan Artisan and Farmer's Market, Milan, MI

Wayne Farmer's Market - Wayne, MI

Westland Farmer's Market - Westland, MI

Warren Farmer's Market - Warren, MI

White Lake Farmer's Market - White Lake, MI

Huron Valley Farmer's Market - Highland, MI

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