I'm, oh, let's call it cautiously optimistic for 2023.  With my extended run in with vertigo now behind me, we're definitely in a rebuilding phase, but the show must go on.  February Album Writing Month (FAWM 2023) is about to kick off.  FAWM's a songwriting challenge, writing 14 songs in 28 days.  I always look forward to this global online event, as it provides me with more fresh content for the show season ahead, an incredible amount of raw new songs in a dizzying array of styles to consume, all while offering a creative outlet to hold seasonal depression at bay for another year.

I am currently booking for the 2023 season.  If you're interested in including me in songwriter showcases, song circles, or full shows ranging in scope from house concerts and cafes all the way up to festivals, please reach out.  If you're a fan of my music, and would love to have me play in your area, I'd love to hear venue suggestions I can reach out to.  I'd love to make as much music as possible in the coming year, lets make it happen.  


Stay tuned for show announcements., and may 2023 be kind and fulfilling to us all. 

The Cobbler

Stuart Benbow

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The Cobbler

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This metaphoric track is the first for my new project, Just Getting Started, an EP focusing on human rights, social justice, and especially the right to choose.

You can also find it across various streaming and digital download platforms here: https://push.fm/fl/gxagzk8q

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