February Album Writing Month, or FAWM 2023, historically where I do the bulk of my songwriting in preparation for the coming show season is now behind me.  14 new songs have been written, many more are in a state of partial completion or pages and pages of rough ideas awaiting the opportunity to be turned into musical gems.  A huge shout out to all the participants who took the time to listen to my rough demos and leave your thoughts, and congratulations to all who participated.  Whether you drafted one song, a hundred, or simply jotted a few ideas onto a notepad, you are part of an incredible group of supportive folks who love creating music. 

Up next, rehearsals are in full swing.  I've been starting to more actively book shows for the year ahead.  Coming up later this month I'm part of the kick off for a brand new music festival.  Myself and 7 other extremely talented singer-songwriters take the stage for Funky Rivertown Fest for day 1 of a 5 day festival.  We'll be performing two groups of songwriters in the round, essentially two concerts for the price of one.  Looking over the lineup, I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have a stage seat.  I've performed with some of the artists in the lineup, been blessed to catch others live, and know a few only by very strong reputation.  I can't wait. 

In the pending category, I have several auditions and submissions sent out for some really cool music festivals, fairs and concert series events.  I'm awaiting decisions by the various powers that be.  Wish me luck.  If you'd like to see me perform near you, reach out and suggest a venue, I'll see if I can make it happen.  Stay tuned, I'll be updating the show schedule once dates have been confirmed.


The Cobbler

Stuart Benbow

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The Cobbler

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This metaphoric track is the first for my new project, Just Getting Started, an EP focusing on human rights, social justice, and especially the right to choose.

You can also find it across various streaming and digital download platforms here: https://push.fm/fl/gxagzk8q

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